Participants are youngsters from alternative care. They are form some kind of institutional care (Home for children and youth and residential apartments that are under Community service centres). They are from different parts of Croatia: Sisak, Selce, Lipik and Koprivnica.

Participants coming from institutional care – 4 are from 16 -18 years and 4 from 18-21. Four are female and four are male.
Trainers presented to the participants modules:
1. Career and job related skills
2. Money management
These topics, according to trainers, were the most attractive to participants. They think and worry a lot about finding proper job and about their abilities to manage money since they don’t have to do that – they just have pocket money, a small amount, and all other expenses are arrange and managed by the institution. They do not have opportunity to practice money management.
Trainer organized lecture and discussion with participants before playing a game in Sisak. In the other 3 towns it was done through discussions with those that have been selected for participating in the game - discussion about information presented on web page FYIL.
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