The implementation of the online game involved young adults living in Aftercare Centers of the Child protection system. These youngsters are between 20 and 30 years old and have grown up in a child protection system. When they reach the age of 18, they must leave the child protection system, if they are not continuing their education. Young people who have nowhere to go, they don’t have the support of their biological families, and cannot support themselves, can use the possibility to become beneficiary of the Aftercare Center.
The After Care Center also has a sheltered residential home where young people over 18 live, but these young people are mentally disabled (middle and mildly handicapped). These young people have also tried the online game.
Are you ready for adulthood?
Playing this game will help you become an independent adult.
The participants were over 16 children in care and young people in aftercare living in various children’s and aftercare homes at Budapest and in Pest County. Some of them are still in education, some already in the job market, but unable to maintain themselves.

The young people who attended the IO2 Local testing sessions of the YIL online games were UNACCOMPANIED FOREIGN MINORS aged 16 - 26 and living in residential facilities for unaccompanied minors (mostly community-based facilities) managed by 2 associated cooperatives of the cO&SO consortium: cooperativa Odissea in Lucca and cooperativa Il Cenacolo in Firenze.

Participants were: 6 from Nigeria, 4 from Guinea, 4 from Gambia, 4 from Ivory Coast, 3 from Mali, 1 from Ghana, 1 from Somalia and 1 from Bangladesh. However, only around 15 of them tried the on-line games supported by their educators (see below).
Short-term joint staff training event
Between 25th – 28th of June 2019 youth workers from the four partner countries (Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania) participated at the short-term joint staff training event held in Florence, Italy.

Intellectual Output 2 – Online games
Feel free to visit the MAKE A LIVING serious game platform on the following link:
Between 25 - 28 June 2019 youth workers from four countries (Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania) participated at the short-term joint staff training event held in Florence, Italy. The training was led by the participants, who had the role of facilitators. During this event the project's training modules were presented and exchanged the experiences about working with youth in transition to leave care. There were held also a study visit to a residential center for unaccompanied foreign minors.

Gateways to integration – Report on the resources for social inclusion of youth out of residential care
In the 1st Intellectual Output was developed the research tool, Interview Guideline for accessing specific information for development of successful and valid training material.

The TEGYESZ partner was the host of the third national project meeting in Budapest in April 2019.