This project is addressed for 120 youth living in residential care and other groups at risk by developing and applying innovative learning tools (serious online games) and tailor-made training programmes for youth, respectively by competence development of 16 youth workers, caretakers in 4 countries who will take part in a transnational blended(joint staff) training.

Gateways to integration – Report on the resources for social inclusion of youth out of residential care
In the 1st Intellectual Output was developed the research tool, Interview Guideline for accessing specific information for development of successful and valid training material.

Make a living – online platform

The 2nd Intellectual Output of our project is an online game for young people
which aim at preparing them for the independent life after they leave the child
care system. The leader of this IO is the Spektrum Educational Center Foundation
(SEC), who have developed an online and responsive serious game platform,
in order to improve basic life skills and competences of those young people who are leaving in a residential care.