The young participants had been selected by the trainers/ social workers who facilitated the piloting sessions. All of them had been chosen as they attend a personalized social integration path in order to acquire the necessary knowledge / skills to leave the social care system. Through schooling, vocational trainings, computer classes, etc the young adults are acquiring life skills to be autonomous and independent. In this framework the From Youth to Independent Life project, fitted very well.

The piloting sessions of the YIL on-line games would have been held in parallel with the face-to-face training of IO3. During the piloting sessions of the face-to-face training, the Career and Job-related Skills module was presented. Both the trainer from Odissea and the one from Il Cenacolo used some of the interactive activities/methods proposed in that module, however they had to adapt them a lot due to language difficulties the young participants faced.

As mentioned, in order to carry on the 2 pilots in parallel, we provided both trainers the link to the on-line learning platform to use it with the participants. The task was to test all the  on-line modules / games in order to provide us feedbacks for the revision phase.
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